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Joshua's Peter Rabbit Party

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Setting up for Joshua was a pleasure - we even got to meet him briefly whilst we put together the the last final touches of his Peter Rabbit 1st at City Pavilion, Romford.

We knew Joshua's mum wanted to fill the area as there was no stage and it was very spacious across the wall. We knew this meant... sailboards! To fill a space, sailboards of different shapes and heights are the answer. It adds an edge to the backdrop and creates a panelled, abstract view for photos.

Next we added in some Peter Rabbit props. Created a garden atmosphere with grass floors, garden fences, some vegetables & a garden sign. We even added a small rabbit to the scene.

Balloons had to be nude, brown, white and gold to fit the classic Peter Rabbit theme and we chose to fill with some eucalyptus, finishing off the "garden" feel.

Joshua's mum opted for helium bundle centre pieces to add height to the room - filling the space even more, plus some helium balloons for each child, attached to their kid's chair (which by the way.. we provide for hire now!)

The welcome sign was personalised with some dried flowers and blue text. We also personalised the central sailboard with a peter rabbit vinyl sticker and The Tale of Joshua. To add to the width of the backdrop, we places a number 1 LED light in a gap.

Our last prop was the famous heart wheeled candy cart, filled with Joshua's personalised popcorn and candy bags!

We hope Joshua and his family had a lovely time celebrating against our themed, full party set up!

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