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Leyton 6th Form College Results Day!

When LSC contacted us we were super excited to be able to be a part of such an important day for A-Level students. We wanted to make sure it was perfect and created a vibrant, surprising atmosphere for the students. With a difficult year it's the least they deserve.

We started with colour and ensured the colours requested matched LSC as best we could. Mixing gold into the garland added the feeling of achievement and the shades of blue complimented the college's colours. We then worked on structure and gave our garland a thick base for stage presence and some waves along the top for a less symmetrical view.

To finish it off, we cornered the stage with two navy blue helium personalised foils.

We hope LSC enjoyed the day and our Balloonable touch! Check out more photos on Instagram @LSFC and on Twitter at

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