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Maleek's Teddy Bear Celebration

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

We need to stop and say - Maleek's mum was a dream to work with. Her family were so complimentary of our work and are so happy that we had the pleasure of creating something special for a lovely newborn celebration!

Maleek's mum provided us with a teddy bear theme request so we sent her some inspo photos to choose from. We incorporated two themes - the thick base ring with a teddy bear cloud.

The colour palette chosen was a nude, brown and chrome gold theme to keep it neutral which we decided to add a splash of minimal white into the set up.

Once we created the dream backdrop, we added our personalised mirror based acrylic boxes to finish off the look.

We hope Maleek and his family enjoyed their day as much as we enjoyed putting this together!

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